Palintest Pool Test 6 Swimming Pool tester

Palintest Pooltest 6 Digital Water Testing Photometer

The Pooltest 6 has all the same winning features of the Pooltest 3 but with additional tests for alkalinity and bromine, making it the instrument of choice for monitoring water levels in canine hydrotherapy pools.
Regular testing of pool and spa water is essential for effective disinfection and pH control to ensure the canine patient and handler both safety and comfort. The Palintest Pooltest 6 offers the ideal answer – a multi-parameter instrument which is quick, accurate and reliable.

The use of innovative micro-power design means that approximately 20,000 readings can be taken before battery replacement will be required.

In order to comply with quality procedures, Palintest offer certified Check Standards as an optional extra. The Pooltest 6 Check Standards consist of one chlorine calibration check standard and one pH calibration check standard.

Available for £395.00


Easy to Use

Long Battery Life

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